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Fun, but challenging!

This game has been fun to me, so far... but has a lot of challenging feats. The cute deign and colors are always a plus, and once you get used to it, the funky gameplay is also nice. I give it 4 stars, It’s not too overly hard, and yet not easy either.

The BEST game in the world !!!🍭🍭🦄🦄

I love this game so so much it’s super addictive! I play it every day 🍩🍩! Right now I’m on level 42! I’m almost finished the whole game. But the only thing I would’ve changed would be more levels Because I’m almost done the game so I will have to delete it When I finished ALL the levels. But when I had this game and I was on a low level And my sister was watching me play the game and she kept on playing it and she downloaded it and she also LOVES it so much ( ....but I love it 😊 so much more...)!!!! I ❤️ SILLY WALKS!!!!!! # sillywalks!!

Addictive but...

This game is amazing buttttt...... I am currently on level 44 and that’s were it stops idk if that’s were the game ends or something but I need more levels!

Overall game

It is a really fun and challenging game. The reason I’m giving it a four because when you rally race the NPC should start at the same spot as you

Need more levels!

Addicting game, love all the quirky levels... but need more. What I don’t like is my character can disappear behind objects and sometimes it’s hard to get him out of those spaces without having to start over. I haven’t had a hard time killing bosses but a little hint would help on some levels. Love this game!

Love it!!

Wow, this game is great! I’ve passed all the levels and got all the stars. I was so obsessed with this game until I finished all levels. I ended up deleting it after going through all levels a second time. This game is my favorite ever and I would love a Silly Walks 2! Please take my advice because I think a lot of other people would like this too! Maybe you could use some things from the first one too and add more characters to choose from. Also, I love this game but on the first Silly Walks I had a hard time beating the bosses. Maybe make them easier or take them out if you make another Silly Walks. I ended up getting through the bosses after a while though but if you make it easier it would be less time. Another thing that you could do differently is maybe adding more levels because of how addicting this game is! I was so addicting I didn’t play anything else and I got through the whole game very quickly so more levels would be great! Thanks so much and I love your work!🤗❤️

Do not play

This game makes me mad when I’m stuck on a level

Fun little game!

So, I would give this game 4 1/2 stars. (It wouldn’t let me). It’s a really fun game and it challenges you, but I think they should change the scenery a little more and add some cool power ups maybe. Overall I love the game and that it doesn’t cost money. I love all the characters and how you get to save other foods!!

I love it!

It’s kind of a kids game but I love this game for some reason lol!

Cute and fun!

So it’s not that complicated of a game, but I loved the graphics and challenges— it’s the kind of game that fits in the spaces of your life rather than in depth game play. The ads can get a little annoying, but it’s possible to play without having to pay.

Good but ...

It’s amazing I love everything except the way you walk I mean I like the animation of it but I wish you can have like a control or something to control your character with a thumb stick or maybe like that and walk the same animation and maybe add a jump but if the person does not want a thumb stick maybe you could just add it in a setting in the game like add it to where you can chose the way you want to walk or maybe buy animations thank you!👍

It’s cute and addicting, 1 concern

Yes, I like it. The graphics are great and it’s fun to play. This is my concern for every game— Too. Much. Advertisements. The respawn after a death in the game, that’s fine. But after you complete a level or something, there’s always a Cooking Fever ad. So, there’s just ads everywhere Thanks, Dusty the Dingo

Not worthy.

I played the game for a good 30mins. or so and I've noticed a couple of things. First of all but issues. And sometime it crashes for me idk why!! Also the controls are hard to manage I get why it's like that but it's a little overboard. The only reason I have not givej this game a 1 star is because of graphics and one of the avatar's given was ramen.

Fun but to many ads

This game is really fun but their are way to many ads if there weren’t I would give it 5 ⭐️s


Omg! Best game ever! I loovvveeee the cute characters and all the levels! Although, I’m already on level 32, and I saw there are only 44 levels, so I only have 12 left! I hope for more levels, but other than that, MY TOP FAVORTITE GAME! Plus, it almost NEVER lags! What a boredom buster! Please add more levels and make more games like this. Keep up the good work! 😇😝

Fun & Amazing!

I like it because it needs no internet! It is fun! I also like the way that you can switch your character. When you get to boss time levels they are harder but you could at least end the game without a boss time round. Thank you for reading this. I give this game 5/5!

Like it but.....

I really like this game, except for one thing: when I race the evil blender guy (or whatever he is) and the little hotdog dude, they always glitch in front of me when I pass them. Other than that it’s really fun😀


I loved this game for a while it was fun to play but it got boring very fast and it will not delete off my phone. I’ve tried so many times and it’s still on my phone. I’ve went under app settings and tried everything and I can’t get this stupid game off of my phone.


This game is easy funny and at times challenging but it’s cute i only ask for more levels and more cute characters i already beat the whole game and it would be fun to have more characters and level and maybe come up with merchandise like squishies plushies and stuff 5 stars for me ❤️❤️

Silly Walks!!

I love this game if you have a child you loves food I think this is for you this game is super addicting and I think everyone needs silly walks😁

Is the game only 44 levels?

Is it?


Need more levels!!!

Good game

Fun game. Some of the ramps don’t work so you loose a lot. Hope the glitch gets fixed soon.

More characters

I have all the characters and all the levels and I got Disney Cross road and I like how they have sections u should do veggies, junk food , breakfast something like that.too much addds

How long is the wait for an update

Throughly enjoyed playing this game. It was the app of the day a week or so ago so I decided to try it. I’ve now completed all the levels and noticed it’s been 6 months since the last update. Will there be another one? Are new levels on their way?

The boss won’t die

I got to the first boss level where u squish the blender with a hammer and it squishes then moves to the side then gets back up again

Would have been a 5 star

But for some reason the challenges / player vs. Player disappeared

It’s .....

It’s ok ... it’s not like I would say that it is my favorite game but if I have nothing else to do on my phone then I just go on the game..

Way too addicting

I played this game non stop for no good reason but that I wanted to beat all of the levels... and I did :( sadly they only have 44 levels right now. Make more levels/more characters/more stuff to do with sugar you collect! I will delete the app soon if more levels aren’t made since I have won all the stars and have nothing more to play in the game. But it’s seriously very addicting

Ups and Downs

This game is a very good game but it has its up and downs


This game is SUPER addictive and time killing! I love all the cute characters you can use and all the levels!

Fun but

Needs more levels

I love this game!!!

This game is so addicting!! I’ve only had it for a few days and I finished all of the levels!! More levels pleaseeeeee!!!!!!!!!👍🏻😫

100% worth it

This is worth your space on your phone. It is a very fun game play. Especially when your bored and you have nothing to do.



Game very challenging and fun

The game is hard, but that’s what makes it so fun. The levels are full of joy and fun. Everyone should download the fun filled game.

Love this game!!

I’m a beginner, so far I’m enjoying this game, it makes me go crazy, I’m 52yrs old, ILove It! Keep them coming!

So much fun!

I love it!! It’s so cute and really entertaining! All the levels are challenging but not impossible! This game is a great way to pass time. I just wish they had more levels! It’s so fun but I passed the whole game and I’m waiting just incase if they make a number 2 or give it an update.

How do I arm sling?

I like all the mini food figures and the fun stuff but how do I arm sling I been stuck on the level for like week already and btw I’m new here so can I just please get help😔😐🧐🤔


More levels!!!!!!!


Awesome totally addictive


Hey ,I really love this game because the advance of it 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

Huh that’s


Best game ever

BEST GAME EVER, 100% perfection!!❤️💙💜💚

Best game EVER

This is a really great game!All the cute foods you can get to how they walk.There are also all these fun activities too do and cross and at the same time you collect Sugar Cubes to get more cute characters!! I have experienced ZERO bugs and I recommend this game👍🏻

Cute game!

I love this game I think it's super fun and I appreciate being able to revive myself if I die. Also giving the option to watch adds for money is great! My only complaint is I've beat all the level now what? I want more levels!! 👍🏾

Awesome game!

Very good game and very nice stickers! But can you make more characters?

Great but....

Idk it is just me or this review is going to be one of a kind.? Ok here it goes.... This games has cute avatars but they walk so slooooowww. I mean common you have to double tap or something to walk fast? Cause in level five when I was escaping from the monster my avatar was so slow but other than that it really cute game All kids should buy

if i could give it 0 stars i would

this game is terrible. when on a level walking on a ledge, the game will say you fell off when you stepped on the edge and sometimes you won’t even be on the ledge and it will count it as you are on the ledge. also, when playing the racing portion of the game, i think it is unnecessary for the robots to start before the actual player. the racing portion also glitches a lot when you hit a breakable object and makes you restart. however, the game has very nice animations and has a good main premise.

Great game!

This is an awesome game and I love playing it so much! It’s great for when you’re bored and I didn’t find too many glitches. My only problem is that I completed the boss level 44 with 3 stars, and I can’t go past that. Is that where the game ends, or is there other levels, b/c I also noticed I had all the possible stars. I would love to keep playing this game, but it seems I can’t.

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